Gŵyl Ffair Nant

23rd September 2017     11am - 3pm

Gŵyl Ffair Nant is based on a resurrection of a historic and traditional fair that once took place in the village of Nant Peris about seventy years ago. Each year the fair provides a range of new, exciting and modern activities that cater for all ages, such as arts, crafts, cooking and poetry competitions in addition to musical events, fair rides, games, orienteering sessions and summer barbeques.

Gŵyl Ffair Nant has a simple ethos: its purpose is to bring the whole community together.

The Fair has proven to be very successful and popular in the local area over the years, and benefits most occupants of the village and surrounding area; entertaining around 200 participants a year.

Gŵyl Ffair Nant is a ‘not for profit’ initiative. Its committee is made up of dedicated volunteers, and we rely on the generosity of local businesses and the community to keep its innovative and much-needed activities alive.